Two Professors Walk into the Woods...

Charles and Maren Anderson are the proprietors of Evergreen Terrace Farms in Monmouth, Oregon. We began the ranch with three pregnant dams and one male cria in 2004 and now have over 20 alpacas. We also have 4 cats, and 6 chickens.

Charles is a computer programmer and former college professor. He works from home, on the farm, over the Internet, which provides plenty of time to watch the alpacas from his window or from downstairs during breaks. Although he grew up “in town” and even (in his younger days) mocked yokels who live in the country, he cannot imagine returning to the craziness of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Maren teaches Literature and Writing at Western Oregon University. Many of her classes are online and podcasted, and she has many blogs and writing projects going on at once. She has always been a critter person, so it surprises none of her friends that she has ended up on a ranch. Maren spins, knits and otherwise does all the fiber prep on the ranch.

Evergreen Terrace Farm's Alpaca Blog. In the beginning, there were two people, Charles and Maren. They bought thirteen acres. And it was good. They built a house. And that was good, too. Then they rested, and looked out on all this goodness and said unto themselves, "Wouldn't it be nice to have some little critters to take care of?" So began the alpaca odyssey chronicled in this blog.

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