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Directions to Evergreen Terrace Farms

From Portland - I-5 South

Take the Salem Parkway exit off of I-5 (number 260A).  It starts out as an expressway and gradually winds down into a surface street going through mixed-use and light industrial neighborhoods.  Follow that into town.  Keep looking for signs that say any of the following: Monmouth, Dallas, Independence, Western Oregon University, or Ocean Beaches.  At some point, it will say that you want to be in the center lanes for the ocean beaches.  Get in the number 2 lane - second from left.  Lanes will come and go - stay the course.  At the next traffic light, you'll make a right turn to go over the bridge and get yourself on highway 22 (heading west).

From Highway 22 West

Just follow 22 until the first automobile overpass - about 9.5 miles.  Follow the signs for Monmouth and 99W heading south - exit number 16. You'll immediately go through the little town of Rickreal.   Stay on 99W heading south for 6 miles.  The third traffic light will be "downtown" Monmouth.  Turn right on Main Street. 

From Main Street in Monmouth

You'll go through one stop sign, and the second street after that will be Whitman.  If you look to the right, you should see a sign for "Falls City and Kings Valley".  Turn left and note the odometer.

Whitman will go to the edge of town and become the Monmouth highway through farms and forest.  You'll be going a total of 4.7 miles on Whitman/Monmouth highway.  You'll climb up over a hill and start down the backside. 

The first four-way "intersection" will be Cooper Hollow (there is no stop sign or traffic light - just cross traffic).  Turn left and go about a quarter mile until it T's. 

Turn right on Fishback road - gravel.  Go 1.5 miles.  On the right, there will be a large, brick gateway. There will also be an unmarked gravel road going left.  Take the gravel road up the hill.  It hair-pins to the left, keep following it.  Just after our neighbor's vineyard and tall fence, turn right up the next unmarked "road" (technically a driveway); Go up the hill. You'll see our blue house with white trim on the left. That's it.

Below is a map of the last bit where you turn off of Fishback. (It's in hybrid satellite mode because these roads aren't in the map database.) You can zoom out to see more context and/or click on the "View Larger Map" link.

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